Further orders for a Drum Filling Unit and Collection Bins ordered by a Midlands metal processing company

Similar to a system supplied a few years ago by Proccess Link fo handling high grade metal powder fines after discharge from a dryer and onto the collection drums.

An order was placed by a major Australian Mining company for a Hand Wheel operated Membrane Slide Valve handling mineral fines

Foe this application we used our 203mm (HW) design with a Polycarbonate viewing window and membrane manufactured in Hypalon suitable for high temperature.

A global Drinks manufacturer based in the UK ordered a twin FIBC Handling System for Chocolate/Milk powders

Manufactured throughout in stainless steel the system uses an integral runway beam capable of supporting 1000kg FIBC's inan Atex22 Zone. One FIBC requred agitation,the other idi not require it and we also designed a Clamp Seal for ease of connectivity by the Customer. 

6 more Filling Heads were ordered by a Northern Ireland Vetinary Pharmaceutical Manufacturer.

More specially designedFilling Heads with dust tight B type Inflatable seals and manufactured in Stainless 316 were supplied to serve 4 Pan Dryers and 2 Nutsche Filters handling a range of powders.

A Hungarian masterbatch powder manufacturer orders two new Vibratory Tray Feeders for its factory test laboratory testing unit

We were pleased to supply these specially designed feeders complete with specially designed controllers suitable for a range of polymer powder types and giving rapid cleandown,low maintenance and greater conrol of the powders themsleves.

A global Drinks manufacturer in the UK has placed an order for a Twin FIBC Handling System for Chocolate/Milk powders

Manufactured throughout in Stainless Steel the system uses an integral runway beam capable of supporting 1,000kg FIBC's in an Atex 22 Zone. One FIBC Discharger is agitated with the second FIBC requiring no agitation. A specially designed Clamp Seal was aslo desogned for ease of connectivity. for the customer.

A global Coffee manufacturer orders a new Twin FIBC Bag Filling Station along with our C type Filling Head unit.

This specially designed system solution is being developed to fit into an existing processing plant where space is at a premium. 

A Northern Ireland veterinary pharmaceutical company,orders 11 Process Link Filling Heads

Specially manufactured to meet stringent clinical needs and ease of operation,we have been asked to supply 11 purpose designed filling heads,complete with dust tight inflatable seals and associated pneumatic controls. These will serve a range of Centrifuges,Dryers and Nutsche Filters.

A West Midlands based chocolate processing company orders a Mobile Sack Tipping Discharge Station for its new ingredients line.

We designed,manufactured and installed this purpose designed stainless steel mobile station with screening vibratory tray feeder offering controlled feed and incorporating specific client safety features throughout.


Gravity Discharge Station including a Vibratory Feeder and support stand has been ordered by a UK Polymer manufacturer.

The order comprised 2 new Hopper bottom bins complete with A type Inflatable Seal unit and controls. A new Vibratory Tray feeder to top up a Brabender Feeder was also required along with supporting steel work.

An established UK Masterbatch manufacturing plant orders a Vibratory Feeder Station serving an Extruder to improve consistency.

PLL supplied a purpose designed Vibratory Tray Feeder/Hopper and associated support stand complete with controls and levele probes. (A second unit has also just also been ordered.

A Midland Foods Company takes delivery of 2 Process Link Bin Dischargers

This comprised modifications to existing bins,adding agitation,tray feeders,positioning valves and screening feeders on both stations and associated support structures.

Northern UK Vending Dringks Sachet manufacturer orders a Feed System for their new plant

The feed system comprises numerous feed lines working into three auto filling lines handling coffee,chocolate and milk powders. The lines are used to fill 12oz and 7oz cups/capsules used in various vending machines, with powders supplied by global food processing companies. Our supply included 5 Docking stations,11 Discharge Frames,Lifting Frames,Pipework,Flexible Connections and Packing Machine connections.

Adhesives Company orders FIBC Inflatable Seal to reduce Dust Emissions

This is being used to ensure their existing FIBC Filling Unit is both dust tight and easy to operate for the operators, during the discharge of various fine aggregate materials into the FIBC.

A Major UK Biscuit Company chooses Process Link for their Chocolate Chip Feed Station

The solution comprises a Stainless Steel Buffer Hopper and Vibratory Tray Feeder for feeding accurately to a recipe into a weigh hopper for this biscuit manufacturer.

A Thermoplastic Specialist Powder Coatings Co orders an IBC Discharge Feed Station and Bins to improve operationally their specialist powder processing system            

The process involves filling a bin with a batch of ingredients,tumble blending, then using a purpose designed discharge station designed to feed into an existing loss in weight feeder handling a range of powder materials

Chemicals Manufacturer orders FIBC/Drum Filling Station                         

This unit is designed to improve productivity and handling,and gives the facility to fill different size FIBC's as well as the ability to fill drums all on the same station.

Further repeat orders from a UK Pharmaceutical company for four purpose designed IBC units c/w Membrane Slide Valves                              

This specially designed solution is to meet our customer's requirements where dust tight valves and seals are vital in the production processes.

Four New Tote Bins ordered to fit an existing Tumble Blender for handling Colours and Additive Powders                               

Process Link have specially designed these four Stainless Steel Bins, complete with valves and forking guides, to replace existing bins, whilst at the same time offering a stacking feature for minimising space and a steeper outlet cone to improve powder flow.

Six Purpose Designed Stainless Steel Sack Tip Units were supplied to a Major Biscuit Manufacturer

These units will handle a range of food ingredients allowing the company to increase production of their existing range of biscuits, to meet market demand in 2014

PLL Delivers 2 Vibratory Feeders for a Major Global Drinks Manufacturer in Ireland

We have designed and manufactured 2 more dedicated feeders for handling citric acid granules,so production

can be increased further at their facility in Ireland.

 Process Link Supplies a Semi-Automatic Filling Station for a UK Division of a US Chemical Co

Process Link have purpose designed and manufactured a powder handling Bag Filling Station to handle various very free flowing powders within an ATEX area.

Additional IBC Discharge Units c/w our Membrane Slide Valves

This leading Pharmaceutical customer ordered more units where hygiene is of paramount  importance

with valves that must be dust tight

Repeat Orders for Cassette Membrane Valves from Specialist Polymer Manufacturer

These were fitted onto the outlet of their existing screw conveyors and offer the customer both

rapid cleandown and quick access using our Cassette unique access features

More Inflatable Seals for European Glass Manufacturer

Process Link supplies more of its C Type Inflatable Seals to a European Glass producer

Samplers for Global Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

Process Link has recently shipped 3 purposed designed vibratory samplers to a Liverpool pharmaceutical

manufacturer to replace existing equipment. The samplers are designed to extract multiple samples

during each powder batch, to ensure powder quality is consistently achieved.

Our Unique Cassette Valve for Chocolate Manufacturer

Process Link has recently supplied its patented Cassette Membrane Slide Valve to a global chocolate manufacturer

handling whey powder and sugar fines. This 200mm valve allows both rapid cleandown within minutes and 

fast access for easy maintenance.

Membrane Slide Valves for Silica Powder Handling

We have recently supplied our Automatic Membrane Slide Valves to a Warrington silica powder manufacturer

for controlling the discharge of two screw conveyors into a mixer and the mixer discharge outlet itself.

USA Tableting Company buys our Vibratory Tray Feeder

We are pleased to announce the supply of a purpose designed Stainless Steel 316 Vibratory Tray

Feeder to this global pharmaceutical company, for their tablet handling process.

Feeder for Stoke on Trent Tin Oxide Manufacturer

We are delighted to announce the supply of a Vibratory Tray Feeder complete with a an oversize tailing

chute to a global manufacturer of Tin Oxide powders.

More Cassette Valves for a Polymer Manufacturer

More orders for our patented Cassette Membrane Slide Valve from this UK company, proves yet again

the commercial benefits in cutting down downtime and reducing maintenance costs

Vibratory Feeder for Midlands Metal Powders Co

Process Link was asked to design and supply a new Vibratory Tray Feeder for a global manufacturer of

heavy metal powders.

Compaction Tables for China,Hungary and the USA

We were delighted to be asked to supply a further 3 Vibratory Compaction Tables by this multinational

client after success with the previously supplied units, used on their specialist applications.

Adams Food Ingredients New Factory

We are delighted to announce our contract to supply powder processing equipment for Adams Food Ingredients new factory and that part of the solution we are providing includes several Cassette Membrane Slide Valves, which were chosen for their ability to be removed quickly from process for rapid cleandown, minimising downtime between product changes.

Powder Mixtures at Huegli

Huegli recently used Process Link’s Hand Grip HG Membrane Slide Valve on the discharge outlet of a Ribbon Blender used in the production of powder mixtures at their Redditch, Worcestershire processing plant in the UK.

PQ Silicas UK Ltd

PQ Silicas orders more Process Link manual and automatic Membrane Slide Valves for its speciality inorganic chemicals, catalysts and silica production, where dust free, jam free working, is essential to their efficient working processes.