Optional Extras:

  • Lift/Lower Units to close couple seals & retract when not in use.
  • Capping modules to cover seal when not in use.
  • Interchangeable seals for different sizes or types of items to be sealed.

Reliable dust tight connection for high containment

Automatic or remote actuation option

Soft/pliable seal to adapt to surface being sealed

Safe operation - low pressure eliminating any hazard

Quick release option for rapid seal removal

Sensor option to confirm seal is correctly inflated

Low air consumption - energy efficient operation

Replaceable Inner / Outer Seals available

Typically for mobile hopper/bin outlet for when discharging

Typically for Bag or Sack filling

Typically drum tipping or discharging

Typically unlined drum filling or IBC filling


Lift/lower devices to dock seal in position, nitrogen purging for hazardous areas, bespoke special shape seals, combination seals (e.g. for FIBC Discharging/Rotary Blenders), Two Stage Extraction for effective venting during filling & extracting before seal is deflated ensuring high containment level, etc…